Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carmen electra playboy. Boom!!!

Carmen electra playboy. Great picz:

carmen electra playboycarmen electra playboycarmen electra playboy
Playboys hottest 25 women for 2006? Do you agree or to be added to the list? Paris Hilton Rebecca Romijn Salma Hayek Eva Mendes Halle Berry Denise Richards Anna Kournikova Jaime Presley Jenny McCarthy Victoria Silvstedt Charlize Theron Kirsten Dunst Pam Anderson Carmela DeCesare Carmen Electra Heidi Klum Jessica Simpson Beyonce Britney Spears Brooke Burke Carmen Diaz Anna Nicole Smith Kate Beckinsale Jennifer Lopez Jenna Jameson
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Carmen electra. Bombastic.

Carmen electra. Cool pics:

carmen electracarmen electracarmen electracarmen electracarmen electra
My mother somehow saw the express image as the background on my laptop (not as bad as it sounds) ... read more? Ok, so heres the full background, so it just me, but my mother thinks the kinda gay (which only they, no one else) ... Just because I put moisturizer on my face every day, and never talk about the girls I hang around with. .. and the fact that the line Im a student ... My mother is one of the traditional people of the country where the boys are usually very quick, skilful and not as smart academic. They also wear really loose clothing (carry my brothers ... so that doesn't help ... Basically, if shes like, Do you like boys? "I respond to the gay and girlish voice at all, or something like that Mmmm hmmm ) (ironically, I have a picture of Carmen Electra in a bikini on my desktop as Shes so kinda a jerk sometimes ... thisll problems. it shows that the very thing ... But this morning she was obviously on my laptop and saw problems ... and now Im gonna have a talk about it ... and I dont want to see me os produces a view that looks at porn and model / stripper pictures ... the whole day because I dont ... WHAT should I do ?!?!? Sorry, I mean, that remain either 1 seen as gay (even though Im not seeing), not a pervert or 2.'ll be so straight and see how kinky I dont see be seen as gay or perverted, soo ... haha, life is so complicated ... What Would U Do?
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